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Improve Your Golf Putting Skills And Lower Your Handicap Fast

Improve Your Golf Putting Skills And Lower Your Handicap Fast

One of the best ways to lower your scores fast is to improve your putting. The good news is that almost any golfer can be a great putter as it is primarily a mental aspect to the game of golf. Remember that the short game comprises of 60 percent or more of your shots in most rounds of golf so working hard in this area can make a dramatic difference to your scores.

Stick to one main method:

There are a lot of different ways to putt as well as a lot of different kinds of putters. The best putters are able to pick one putting style and putter and then stick with it through thick and thin. Even the best putters will miss easy short putts however they are able to maintain their confidence and believe the next putt will go in. The key is to develop a routine that is proven to work and stick with it. The question then becomes what kind of putting routine should you use to get the best results.

There is a physical and mental part to the routine that needs to be developed. The physical part of the routine can vary however the core of the mental routine needs to stay the same. One key tip to keep in mind for the mental routine is to avoid mechanical thoughts when you are about to strike the putt. Clear your mind and focus on the target before you hit the putt. If you have any doubts as you are about hit the putt then you need to step away and restart the routine. The purpose of the physical routine is to get your mind ready for the shot.

When it comes to practicing putting you should focus on short putts as these are critical for lower scoring. Also, hitting a lot of short putts will also allow you to see a lot of putts go in the hole which is important for your confidence. You must always believe the putt will go in the hole regardless of how long the putt is. Some people try to aim for a 3 foot circle for long putts however this usually leads to a larger margin of error. For the long putts it is best to think of them as rolling into the hole on the last rotation or two. Use some of the tips above on putting to help you get better and reduce your handicap fast.

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