The Golf Swinger Doctor

  • Improve your golf swing with The Draw System. Add at least 17 yards to your drives
  • Are you leaving putts on the course? Stop 3 putting and convert those score saving putts
  • Do you get down in 2 from less than 100 yards? Learn how to with short game drills
  • How many sand saves do you make> Learn to up and down it from bunkers
  • Are you a golfer that slices the ball? Fix your slice in 5 days
  • Are your golfing woes in the head? Improve the mental side of your game
  • If you have a golf problem we have a solution

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Don’t just take our word for it!

"I have picked up golf seriously at the age of 43. The "Draw" System has enabled me to understand what goes wrong with what I do to a golf ball and make corrections. Having this knowledge has me playing with a 19 handicap after only playing for a short while. It helped me understand the game better.

When I started playing my shots landed anywhere except where I was aiming. I am now getting my shots to go where I am aiming more regularly. Just yesterday, I hit a 141-yard shots on a par 3 and it landed 6 feet away from the hole. Three months ago that would never have happened.

The instructions and the pictures are wonderful. The instructions are concise and descriptive. Combined with the pictures, it promotes easy understanding. The pictures help the most."

David Hillary
Indiana, USA

"This system has given me a better understanding of the mechanics of the swing which I could not get through lessons. After completing this system my drives are much straighter, but the biggest benefit has been with my fairway woods.

This system is a ready reference for anytime I want to refresh the mechanics of my swing. I have seen similar instructions in other books etc. but never laid out in the same detailed way as your system.

This "Draw" System has given me more enjoyment because I finally feel I can work the ball either way now. I'm on a 10.5 hcp and The "Draw" System is what I need to help me get down to a single figure handicap."

Don Bilderbeck
Auckland, New Zealand