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How to hit great iron shots – Golf Instruction by Craig Hanson Updated for 2023

How to hit great iron shots – Golf Instruction by Craig Hanson Updated for 2023

Updated: September 27, 2023

draw the ball

Get better compression and stop hitting fat and thin iron shots. A insight into how to trap and cover your iron shots more efficiently.

Hi guys- I teach club golfers through to Pga tour pros. And teach internationally and give online lessons to many people throughout the world.

I now release videos on a weekly basis so please feel free to subscribe.

Good luck and please leave your comments below.

How to hit great iron shots –

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"After following this system I am hitting the ball more solidly and have learnt not to 'overhit' attempting to get that extra 'meter.' The biggest benefit The "Draw" System has done is to give me a more consistent strike of the ball - I actually had a 100 meter wedge back-spin to the hole today.

Also this system has eliminated a tendency for my drives to fade/slice and I have seen videos that were basically aiming at the same objective but didn't provide the clear steps to work through like your system does."

Alan Jones
New South Wales, Australia


I know your a busy man so I'll keep this short. If I ever meet you in person I'll KISS you!!!!! You have saved my golf game. I've been playing for 2 years and in the beginning I found it very easy. In less than 9 months I was a 14 and it was looking like it was going to continue to go down. Then I hit a wall, that little ball started to go right, and then it went further right, then even further right..... I was losing massive distance as well, 3 clubs. I fought with it for ages.  Well I'm now 4 months into my new swing and I shot a 77 yesterday. You absolute beauty!!!! 15 of 18 greens, what a game!!!!! Your mental course is magnificent, coupled with the draw system I can now play golf on a level I never thought possible.

John Shields
Texas, USA