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Four Golf Putting Tips to Help You Play Like a Pro

Four Golf Putting Tips to Help You Play Like a Pro


Putting in golf is a skill that separates expert players from average ones. It is the most difficult skill that you need to master on the course. It is the combination of mental focus and muscle control. A skilled player will definitely make the most of his concentration and intelligence to play the perfect shot. Whether you play 9 holes or 18 holes in a golf club, you need to analyze the distance from the ball to the hole. Once you are sure of the distance, make sure that you apply the right amount of muscle force to sink the golf ball into the hole. Do you want to know more about putting skills? Here are four tips to help you play like a professional golfer:

1. Deliver a Smooth Stroke

Start by playing a smooth stroke so that the putter picks up pace when it hits the golf ball. Consider your stroke as the smooth backward and forward motion of a clock’s pendulum. Make sure that all your putts work effectively like the back and forth motion of a pendulum. When you are playing a long putt, always go for a longer swing instead of hitting the golf ball harder.

2. Evaluate the Green

The greens on a golf course have varied physical features. Read the green and understand how the topography, texture and dampness will have an impact on the direction and speed of the ball as it sinks into a hole. Try reading the green when moving towards it on the fairway. It will help you get an idea of the landscape from a distance. If a shot lands on the left side of the hole, the putt will break from left to right. If your shot lands on the right, it will break from right to left. You will have an uphill shot if the ball lands short of the hole. If the ball lands past the hole, you will putt downhill. It is also important to focus on the fall line. If the golf ball is on the left hand side of the fall line, it will break from left to right. The reverse will happen if the ball is on the opposite side.

3. Master Your Alignment

You can make better short putts by rectifying your alignment. Before taking your position, place the putter’s head at the back of the golf ball. You also need to line its face up to the target line. It is good to take your normal position and grip while keeping the putter’s head in this square position. Softly press and loosen the grip before playing the shot.

4. Control Speed

Did you ever notice golfers on the practice green of a tournament? They putt towards the boundary of the green and try to stop the ball in between the fringe and the green. This way, they get a fair idea about the ball’s rolling speed on that particular green. They use this knowledge to improve the distance control. Use this technique when on the golf course. When playing in a golf club, master these putting tips to improve your game. The key to successful putting is practice, focus and having a good idea about the distance. Your skills will improve over time.

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