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Improve Your Golf Game With These Amazing Tips

TIP! This helps you determine your best stance. Your stance depends on your gender, size and height. Golf has been around for quite some time, as early as the 15th century. Though the game has changed much over time, it continues to be a intense, enjoyable hobby. The piece that follows offers several great ideas […]

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Helpful Tips For Improving Your Golf Skills

TIP! This helps you determine your best stance. Proper stance is essential, but it is not the same for everyone. It does not matter if you are an amateur that confuses birdies for pigeons or an expert, long-time golfer. Regardless of your current skill level, golf is a challenging and exciting game. Read this article […]

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Golfing Tips That The Average Person Can Try Out

TIP! When you’re on the market for new clubs, consult with golf pros before you make your final purchase. Golf professionals have the knowledge and experience to help you choose clubs that suit you. There are few areas of life that do not demand focus and accuracy. This is not as true in anything as […]

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Looking To Be A Better Golfer? Try These Ideas

TIP! Practicing with slightly different stances will help you learn the best way to stand. Proper stance is essential, but it is not the same for everyone. You are hopefully among the millions of enthusiasts who love the game of golf and have a drive to increase your performance level whenever possible. Within this article […]

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Improve Your Golf Swing With These Tips!

TIP! Every club contains a “sweet spot,” which is where the face will strike the ball with greatest accuracy. Practice with these clubs to make sure you know where your sweet spot is and how to hit it each time. Close concentration and precise focus are qualities needed in many things we try to do. […]

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Great Golfing Tips That Will Help You Win

TIP! It is a good idea to skip the golf cart and walk the course when you are golfing. Walking from one hole to another gives you extra exercise, thus supplementing the health benefits of playing golf. The sport of golf has been popular for well over 500 years. Golf has changed over that time, […]

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How To Win At Golf: Tips For Success!

TIP! Doing this will aid you in learning what stance is a good fit for you. Proper stance is essential, but it is not the same for everyone. If like many others, you are looking to up your golf game, consider the advice in the following article as a means of accomplishing this. Some improvements […]

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Amazing Golf Tips And Tricks That The Pros Recommend

TIP! You can get a lot of help you in your golf game from your body. You don’t just use your arms, you have to channel energy from your whole body for a source of true power. People have been playing the great game of golf since early in the 15th century. Golf has changed […]

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Amazing Golf Tips And Tricks That The Pros Recommend

TIP! A simple toe-wiggling exercise can reveal potential faults in a golfing stance. If it’s hard to wiggle the toes at the beginning of the swing, the golfer is leaning in to the ball too far. Both men and women enjoy the game of golf throughout their lifetimes. Whether you are a seasoned pro or […]

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Improve Your Golf Game With This Helpful Advice

One of the funnest recreational sports to play is golf. Simply follow the advice in this article, and you can quickly become a better player of golf. TIP! Before you swing, check your stance by wiggling your toes. Anyone who is leaning inward too far will have difficulty wiggling their toes. Wriggle your toes around […]

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Don’t just take our word for it!

Although the system is meant to improve your draw, in fact it has improved other areas of my game e.g. my setup and accuracy. I am now consistently hitting the ball cleanly and going in the direction I want it to. I think these are the benefits of the various drills and exercises you suggested.

The "Draw" System has narrowed the exercise and search for improving my game because everything is presented in a neat package without having to search all of them individually.

Being new to the game I did wonder why certain drills and exercises were recommended. In the end I did find out they were great. The instructions are explained very simply and easy to follow but as I said I did wonder initially what they had to do with trying to draw the ball. The answers came in the end.

I used to slice the ball badly before but now I can hit it straight or if it goes right it is not as bad as before, at least it still stays on the fairway. It is a great feeling to see that ball stay on the fairway."

Niumaia Tabunakawai
Suva, Fiji

"My fairway woods are now much more consistent in distance and much straighter, both off the tee and from the fairway. Also my mid iron shots are more consistent than in the past.

This system helped me to learn to put all the pieces together to know what a good swing should feel like. Whereas in the past someone might give me a good piece of advice, but I never had it in the context of a whole solid swing. And now I'm finally gaining confidence with my swing.

The instructions were easy to follow. The pictures added a lot of clarity to what you were looking to emulate. The "Draw" System gives you a step by step approach to building a good, solid, repeatable golf swing. All the drills are geared towards that singular goal of producing a swing that will produce a draw.

I've seen a lot of the drills used in The "Draw" System, but this is the first time where I've seen all the drills tied together in order to produce the "whole" good swing. And I'm finally learning what a good swing should feel like, (after years of unsuccessful guessing), and can try to recreate that sensation on the course.

I enjoy playing golf more now because I can actually start aiming at where I want to hit the ball. And I'm having a lot more fun actually hitting a lot more often from the fairway!

A very good, useful book! Thanks for compiling all the information and drills to help me understand and incorporate the swing mechanics in order to produce a draw."

Curt Geisinger
Michigan, USA