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Slash 8 to 13 Shots Off Your Handicap

Slash 8 to 13 Shots Off Your Handicap

Cost: $17.00

Slash 8 to 13 Shots Off Your Handicap

If you can’t break 90 consistently I’m convinced that if you implement the suggestions I’m giving you in this book you’ll slash 8 – 13 shots off your scores.  And if you keep doing these suggestions regularly you’ll be able to score better than you ever have before and break through your scoring barriers.

Having said that, please understand that if you now shoot somewhere between 90 to 100 + then chances are very high that you’re not going to get into the 70’s overnight.  I’m not saying that one day with intelligent work you won’t get there.  I’m just saying that instead of setting an unrealistic short term goal you should instead set a realistic goal of getting into the 80’s first.

And to do this it probably won’t be a matter of making more pars and birdies but rather it will be about reducing the disaster holes you have, e.g. the triple and quadruple bogeys along with minimising the mistakes. Plus it will be about closing the gap between your bad shots and your good shots.

You see, the professional golfers that you admire so highly are only at the level they are because their bad shots are very close to their great shots.  Whereas you on the other hand no doubt have a huge difference between your great shots and your bad shots.

So the instructions in this book are going to help you to close the gap between your bad shots and good shots.

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Don’t just take our word for it!

"I enjoy playing golf more after getting this system as I can put the ball in the fairway more consistently with the driver. And what I liked the best about The "Draw" System was the little by little a day approach.

Most of the times when I am working with a pro, he tries to give me too much for me to change in one day. On the other hand I am also to blame, as I am paying him by the hour, I also want to squeeze the most out of him to make the most out of the money paid. Now as I am paying for the book only a fixed sum, I can avoid this."

Escode Yuen
Hong Kong, China


"I used to slice a lot, but in the past two weeks using your "Draw" System, I have been drawing my shots more consistently now. It really stopped me from slicing. I can say, my biggest benefits with this "Draw" System is gaining more yardage and consistency. It really did increase my distance by at least 40 to 50 yards longer. And it really has improved my game and lowered my handicap.

I really like the illustrations - step by step drills. How it is broken up day by day as you practice. It teaches you from the very beginning and advances its way to your finish swing. I fully recommend this system 100% to all people who really want to improve their game. If it's from curing your slice, gaining more yards, or lowering your handicap. I say this "Draw" System is worth more that what it is selling for. Why spend a lot of money seeing a golf professional, when you can have the best instructions for less.

I really am lucky to have found this "Draw" System. If not for this system, I would have spent a lot of money seeing a golf professional or spending money on all those training aids advertised on TV. With much Aloha to you for your ingenious in bringing The "Draw" System to lots of golfers out there still struggling.

I really love playing golf now with my friends which I really impress them. I would like to say, thank you again to you for making The "Draw" System in such details. I now really enjoy playing the game of golf."

Patrick Apuya
Hawaii, USA