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Golf Problems and Solutions Manual

Golf Problems and Solutions Manual

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Welcome to this Golf Problems & Solutions Manual.  Now here’s the instructions on how you should use this manual to it’s full potential.  First of all play a game of golf and then as soon as you’ve finished your game sit or lie down and replay each and every shot in your mind.  And from doing this find one main aspect of your game that prevented you from playing your best.

Also (and this is really, really important) when doing this ONLY choose one problem.  Do not pick any more than one.

So if from doing this you find that your main problem was that you missed 5 putts from inside 6 feet then that’s what you should concentrate on improving.  Or if you find that you pulled basically every iron shot then that’s what you should find a solution to.  Just pick the one biggest problem and concentrate on fixing that, and here’s how.

Look in the section that you think will most probably have the solution to your problem.  Then quickly read through all the problems & solutions in that section and once you’ve found the solution to your problem do the drills and/or exercises everyday for 30 consecutive days.   Even if it’s only for 2-3 minutes a day it’s better than nothing.

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Don’t just take our word for it!

Although the system is meant to improve your draw, in fact it has improved other areas of my game e.g. my setup and accuracy. I am now consistently hitting the ball cleanly and going in the direction I want it to. I think these are the benefits of the various drills and exercises you suggested.

The "Draw" System has narrowed the exercise and search for improving my game because everything is presented in a neat package without having to search all of them individually.

Being new to the game I did wonder why certain drills and exercises were recommended. In the end I did find out they were great. The instructions are explained very simply and easy to follow but as I said I did wonder initially what they had to do with trying to draw the ball. The answers came in the end.

I used to slice the ball badly before but now I can hit it straight or if it goes right it is not as bad as before, at least it still stays on the fairway. It is a great feeling to see that ball stay on the fairway."

Niumaia Tabunakawai
Suva, Fiji

"This system has taken me from sprayin my drives all over the place to being able to put my shots on or near the fairway with some measure of consistency. I have much control over where the ball goes now. When I played last Friday my buddies noticed that I'm hitting them better.

I love the confidence I have in my game now. Before I just wanted to hit the ball. Now I hit that pretty draw and my friends say OOOOOHHH!!!"

Terrell Raymond
Mississippi, USA