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Practice Putting Green Guide

Practice Putting Green Guide

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When you’re on a practice putting green you should only be trying to do a few things.  The first is to improve your touch/feel.  Hitting your putts the correct distance is critical if you’re going to improve your putting.  That’s why there are plenty of drills in this book that will help you to do that. Also, on the practice green you want to practice the short putts so you have confidence when you go out on the golf course that you can hole them. Next, you want to improve your green reading so that out on the golf course you can quickly and easily judge the correct line and speed your ball needs to travel on to go into the hole.  The best way of improving this is to learn from each and every putt you make.  If you just putt without awareness of what happened from what you did then you’ll never improve your green reading. So on the practice green you have to be very aware of what happens when you hit your putts on a particular line with a particular speed.  For example, if you’re hitting a putt consistently the correct speed but it’s always missing on the low side then you obviously haven’t allowed for enough break. If that’s the case, you need to step back and read the putt again to see how much break there really is and where you should aim for your next putt. Do not keep repeating a mistake over and over again.  Be aware

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"Before I started your "Draw" System I had a slice. Since following your day by day instructions, I now hit the fairway much more often with a slight fade or draw when I get it right! As a result I have gone from hitting 220-230 yards to hitting 250-280 yards.

I found the instructions easy to follow. It brought me along at the right speed in learning the system correctly without rushing. The step by step system I found left you excited to want to learn that step so you could move on to the next.

It has improved my distance off the tee (a good 50 yards +) and helped me with my swing more importantly. Which has improved my whole game and as a result I hit straighter with more consistency. It has taken me to a new level in my golf game.

It was easy to follow learning at your own speed. It was almost like having a golf pro right there with you. Anytime you can improve at something you can always enjoy it better, especially when you see yourself improving from day to day. I am and would recommend this system to everyone who wants to improve their game."

Wayne Hiro Shigaki
Connecticut, USA

"I am now hitting more fairways than ever before. I only slice maybe twice a round now and this is only when I fall back into old habits. Also I have gained about 15-20 yards which gives me shorter second shots.

I used to hit maybe 3 fairways in an 18 hole round but now I miss only 2 in a round and sometimes none.

This system was easy to read and follow instructions. The drills were simple and anybody ought to be able to read and understand the directions.

I must say it's a lot more fun to play from the fairways than always from the rough on the right side."

J D Price
Louisina, USA