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Long Game Blueprint

Long Game Blueprint

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Welcome to The Blueprint For Long Game Consistency And Success.

There are a lot of golfers that suffer from ball striking inconsistency and for the majority they will never fix their problems. And here’s the reason why….

Most golfers who try to improve their swing don’t have a clue what they should be practicing to improve. So this forces them into a guessing game, trying one thing after another in a desperate attempt to find something that will improve their results.

Sound familiar?

Now every now and then a golfer using this improvement approach does find something that seems to help but often it’s just a short term fix that doesn’t last.

This shot gun approach to improving is clearly NOT the way to become a great ball striker like you want to become. So if you want to hit the ball…

  • longer,
  • straighter, and
  • more consistently

…then you must do something different, and that’s going to start today….right now!

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Don’t just take our word for it!

"I am now hitting more fairways than ever before. I only slice maybe twice a round now and this is only when I fall back into old habits. Also I have gained about 15-20 yards which gives me shorter second shots.

I used to hit maybe 3 fairways in an 18 hole round but now I miss only 2 in a round and sometimes none.

This system was easy to read and follow instructions. The drills were simple and anybody ought to be able to read and understand the directions.

I must say it's a lot more fun to play from the fairways than always from the rough on the right side."

J D Price
Louisina, USA

"This system has given me a better understanding of the mechanics of the swing which I could not get through lessons. After completing this system my drives are much straighter, but the biggest benefit has been with my fairway woods.

This system is a ready reference for anytime I want to refresh the mechanics of my swing. I have seen similar instructions in other books etc. but never laid out in the same detailed way as your system.

This "Draw" System has given me more enjoyment because I finally feel I can work the ball either way now. I'm on a 10.5 hcp and The "Draw" System is what I need to help me get down to a single figure handicap."

Don Bilderbeck
Auckland, New Zealand